Monday, August 1, 2016

Sniper Tom Brody enjoys his life in the Special Ops. He also enjoys his best friend, Antonella, maybe a little too much. Brody and Antonella have an agreement: friends to never cross that line. 

Toni has hidden her feelings from Brody for as long as she can remember. Both want to cross the line, so much so, they act on it just before his next deployment. 

When life appears to pick back up upon his return home, tragedy strikes. When an idle threat becomes a reality, Brody will encounter a fight he never thought he would have to face; search and rescue for the woman he loves.

Twitter: @JulieMorganBook

About Julie:
Born in Fort Worth, Texas she moved to Florida in 2004. She married in 2005 and the mother of an amazing little girl! Software analyst by trade, she's a super geeky girl who loves Star Wars, Star Trek (the new movies too) and LOVES getting lost in novels. She enjoys many genres but her favorites would be paranormal/fantasy/romance, sci-fi/romance, murder/mystery/suspense, and the occasional YA that catches her attention.

She's dabbled in writing most of her life from writing poetry to writing a few short stories. December 2013 she published novel book one, Fallen, of Chronicles of the Fallen series.

Check out Julie's stories!

Chronicles of the Fallen Series: 
  • Fallen
  • Redemption
  • Atonement
  • Culmination
  • Rapture, a short story

Southern Roots Series (may be read as stand alone novels):
  • Southern Roots
  • City Lights
  • Fueled Desire
  • Driven Hunger
  • Paramour

​Deadly Alchemy series:
  • Deadly Alchemy
  • After Midnight, a short story
  • Fatal Intentions
Special Ops series:
  • Delta Force
  • Sniper (coming soon!)
  • Ranger (coming soon!)
  • Seal (coming soon!)

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mountainside Resort Synopsis Brianna Thompson was unaware that she had a stalker. After she was attacked her best friend, Abby, convinces her to take a vacation out of state until the police catch the stalker. While on vacation Brianna runs into Caleb who walked out on her seven years earlier. Now all she wants to do is go back home. Caleb Kingston left his old life behind seven years ago. Everything including the woman he loved. Now Brianna pops back into his life and he can't have her. She can never know his secret. Will she ever forgive him without knowing the truth? Will Brianna's stalker catch up to her? Can she find it in her heart to forgive Caleb even though he won't give her straight answers? Or will her life be turned upside down?

Saturday, July 16, 2016

For Dr. Jamie Torrent life was about empirical proof. What you could see and touch. But when she wakes to a surreal reality where dragons fly free and magic rules the land, the proof is too real to ignore. As real as the dangerous passions set to blaze by the man who summoned her.

Tryst, Dragon Master, has to marry or fear losing the kingdom he loves. When he meets Jamie, worlds collide in a fierce battle for domination. Will Tryst win and keep his kingdom or will Jamie set aside what she knows as truth?

OMG if I could give this book higher than 5 stars I would. I loved it! This story drew me in and hooked me. Even though written by two authors it flowed so well that I could not tell who wrote what. There is action, mystery, steamy hot sex, brutal scenes, and unexpected events (like holy cow moments). This book leads to an adventure of a lifetime for Jamie. She and Luke are pulled trough a vortex and end up hitting a dragon. She wants to return home, but is that for the best? Over the course of the book she falls in love with Tryst, the king and "Dragon Master". I loved how the story unfolded and can not wait for the next book


GOOD MORNING!!!! (Yes, this is my greeting regardless of the hour.)
My name is Savannah Verte and this is my first Authors After Dark. I CAN NOT FREAKING WAIT!!!
I was first published in 1990 after I graduated college. (Thank Goddess that book is out of print.) I have written everything from poetry to paranormal, and contemporary women’s fiction to mystery/suspense. I don’t fit cleanly into a category, or two, so I call myself a Contemporary Vagabond, emphasis on the vagabond. At AAD I’ll have a few titles with me; Viva Zapata & the Magic 8-Ball, Kingdoms Fall (the 3rd Vengelys book, but I’ll have 1 & 2 as well), Book of Time, and Book of Change (book 1 & the prequel for The Custos series). If you are wanting a specific title, shoot me an inbox and I’ll gladly hold it aside for you. I am bringing limited quantities because I’m flying this time and I already have 3 checked bags to get all the books & swag to Savannah.
There are lots of opportunities to see me at AAD and I hope you’ll take one or two.
I’m coming in on Tuesday to catch Sherrilyn’s shin-dig, but am more excited about getting to go to the shelter on Wednesday to do some work for them. I’ll be back in time for Stella’s official kick off, and you want to find me there…I’ve sponsored the Ultimate Author Stalker and you can get your game card from me at the welcome. I am humbled and honored to have help from 28 of the other participating authors to make the game epic. I cannot thank them enough!!
Thursday morning, roll out of the sack and come have coffee & brekky in your jammies with me and the 14 other incredible women authors who I get to share the stage with, The Breakfast Book Babes. After that, it’s panels and I’ve grabbed some time to do a reading from one of my books before everyone scatters for outside fun.
Friday is more panels, and another chance to catch me in the reading room before the Release Event. I’ve saved a release just for AAD. Quick change later and I have a table at the Debut Dinner. My book, Viva Zapata & the Magic 8-Ball, is a story about friendship, life, and finding your tribe…I can’t wait to share my tribe with the folks at my table, and see what the others around the room have cooked up. It’s going to be awesome!
Saturday is of course the signing, but then the night I’m beside myself excited about…The Fantasy Ball. My table at the event is themed Mardi Gras Masquerade. The series I’m working on (and releasing a book or two at AAD for) has one of the primary settings in New Orleans at Mardi Gras. My table will be festival fun complete with beads…and I am jacked to get to come to the ball as my character Adelia from Book of Change. I haven’t seen the costume yet, but it’s already a dream come true to get to step literally into one of my books. Now if only Rourke were going to be there. ;)
If we haven’t met before, come up and introduce yourself!! I’d love to meet you. If we’ve met…I’m waiting for a squitch & some sugar, I’m sure it’s been too long. I got to meet a number of you at TNEE earlier this year and YOU are why I signed on after getting home to come to AAD. Stella’s events are insane and epic for authors and readers. I’m so thrilled to get to do another one so soon & have another hang with great folks. It’s 17 days away now…are you ready?

Friday, July 15, 2016



As a new writer, I am really looking forward to Authors After Dark in Savannah from August 3 through 7, where I will release my second book! (And I never thought I could write even one.) Both of my books are a part of a series with other writer friends. I hope that what I write rings true for large numbers of women and men who can deal with strong women.

I write sweet and dreamy HEAs (that are also a bit sexy). I always wanted a large happy family where each member loved the other unconditionally and comfort could always be found within the confines of the home wherever that was.

I believe this desire is borne out of my love of fairy tales of all kinds but the Disney ones especially. I always wanted to be a princess, but I also wanted to carry a gun or some other means of self protection, ride a horse, live independently and never just follow everyone else.

My first book, The Cavalryman’s Mail Order Bride features a small town in Missouri for my heroine’s home. This reflects much of my own experiences and probably echoes what I wanted and still want out of life.

My second book The Widower’s Mail Order Bride will debut at AAD and also has a strong woman as the heroine. She, too, seeks family above all else. Hopefully, you will want to read my book to see if she succeeds.
It is my belief women won the west. Those ladies were strong beyond our understanding, they exceeded in those things to which they applied their uniquely female approach to life. They held their babies in their arms while working the fields. They drove wagons like a field hand and kept their focus on family and home. They learned to shoot guns, to establish and run businesses at a time when they did not have many legal rights and they educated and nurtured their children along the way.

I will be reading from one of my books and I’m nervous as a feral cat. You can catch me and provide moral support Thursday in The Readings Room from 3:30 to 3:40. I am also scheduled at the New Release event so I will look for you if you will look for me. It’s set for 4 p.m. on Thursday in the Mezzanine.

In addition, I am hosting a breakfast along with others at 8:30 a.m on Friday. Look me up. I would love to visit with you and learn what you enjoy reading.

I am so excited and feel so privileged to attend AAD, so check out my table. I would very much enjoy visiting with you. In fact be the first one to my table during the Saturday book signing and tell me, “I’m a princess too,” and I will give you a free book.

The Cavalryman’s Mail Order Bride
At the start of the war between the North and South, Dorothy Evans is left all alone in a small town in central Missouri with a young son to raise. When gossip about her deceased husband's treasonous actions threaten her livelihood, she realizes it's up to her to do something to secure her future. She’s not afraid of work nor of adventure, so Miss Sally Pinkerton’s matchmaking service once again plays a part in determining just how far a woman like Dorothy might be willing to go to ensure a decent life for her son.

The Widower’s Mail Order Bride
After the death of her mother at the hands of an unknown assailant, Ellie Tyler is forced into a sordid life of degradation in St. Louis. But just when Ellie has lost all hope, Miss Pinkerton steps in and gives her a leg up. With education, a new outlook on life and a prospective husband and his small son waiting for her, Ellie sets out for San Francisco. Once there, she finds a life that is more wonderful than she ever hoped for—until her plans for happy ever after are thwarted by a horrible accident. Ellie, determined to keep her newfound family close, must now decide between love and friendship. Will she be able to find her happy ending, or will she be forced to settle for something less?

About the Author
Kiki Meyer lives in Florida with her husband and two cats. Growing up in Central Missouri, she loved the history from that area. Her books are inspired by her love of home.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Introducing Elaine Calloway

Greetings, Authors After Dark Attendees and More!

I’m Elaine Calloway and I’m one of the authors who will be at Authors After Dark. There are many opportunities to come hang out with me! I’ve listed all the activities where you can find me below.

Soooo…books! I write paranormal and urban fantasy, and currently I have two series going:

  • Southern Ghosts Series – a paranormal mix of romantic suspense, humor, and ghost stories. My new release at AAD, THE DEBT, is in this series and I have ten books planned.
  • Elemental Clan Series – an urban fantasy with good vs evil themes between Elementals and Fallen Angels. I’m giving away 50% coupons for the last book in this series that releases in November, so stop by and get one at the book signing!

I grew up in New Orleans with a love of cemeteries and the paranormal. No mystery as to why now my books focus on those themes! Some folks call me “Paranormal with a Southern Twist” since my books have specific Southern locales and euphemisms.

This will be my first year at AAD but I went to TNEE in April and loved it!

So come hang out with me! Chances to meet are below:

  • Wednesday night, I’ll be at the welcome party. Inflatable slides? I’m there!
  • Thursday morning, 8 a.m., I’m co-hosting a breakfast in your pajamas event with several other authors. Come enjoy food on us!
  • Thursday late afternoon, I’ll be at the new release event with my novella, THE DEBT, which is part of my Southern Ghosts Series. Get the book before anyone else at the signing!
  • Thursday evening, 9 pm, I’ll be on the riverboat cruise with other lucky readers and authors. Come find me and say hello!
  • Friday at 1:00 p.m., I’m on a panel discussing ghosts and all things spooky.
  • Friday evening, I’ll be at the debut author dinner. Come chat, talk books, swap stories.
  • Friday evening after the dinner, I’m hosting a table at the Drive-In movie event! There are prizes, inflatable chairs, special movie swag, and more!
  • Saturday is the book signing – come see me and get coupons, books, and more.

I’m so looking forward to the AAD event and feel free to introduce yourself before then if you’re in the FB group!

Thanks! To connect with me online, go to All my facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc. links are there!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I’m Tilly Greene, author of erotic romances full of … wait, you don’t know me? Well let’s rectify that, let me tell you a bit about me.

I write hot romances and I mean scorching HOT. Yes, there is BDSM involved with most the stories and while that element helps make them steam even more, I also work to make this element relatable to those that aren’t in the life. I enjoy the heat and making characters a comfort to you as the reader and bringing them together with love and sex. Oh yes, there’s lots of sex! The fun part for me extends to the subgenres I choose to write. While I’ve written a Historical and Vampire stories, and touched on Futuristics, my focus has been on Contemporaries, Shape Shifters and Mythological Paranormals.

There, that’s a bit about me, now for the fun part … what I’m doing at Authors After Dark!

I have a bunch of stuff going on … Erotic Trivia [Thursday night], Literary Tea Party [Friday afternoon], a Coffee CafĂ© hour [Thursday afternoon], the Seventh Inning Stretch [Saturday after the signing] are the parties, I’m also sponsoring at the hotel bar called The Hellhound … have I told you I’m bringing a book called My Name is Cer as in Cerberus, the guardian of the Underworld, yah, as in Hades! … but I also have put together a gift basket with loads of goodies for folks to try and win! Don’t forget all the proceeds for to the Jasper Animal Rescue Mission so buys those tickets!

AAD is all about readers and our time as an author to stop writing and say hi, chat, relax, have fun, and make memories. Basically I’m looking forward to Savannah ☺

See you in less than a month, oh no, a month? Ahhh, I’m not ready! I will be, but I’m not ready yet!

Tilly Greene
Scorching romances full or twists, turns and ties!